• Cold hands and/or feet
  • Long sleep onset time
  • Reduced feeling of thirst
  • Increased sensitivity, e.g.:
    • - increased response to certain drugs
    • - increased smell sensitivity
    • - increased pain sensitivity
    • - increased high altitude sensitivity
    • - increased meteorosensitivity
    • - increased sensitivity to vibration
  • Remarkable assiduousness up to tendency towards perfectionism
  • Tinnitus
  • Muscle cramps

These symptoms listed above are often seen in Flammer syndrome, but not all are obligatory.
These symptoms are more or less strongly pronounced. 

As an example we illustrate below the cold temperature of face and extremities with the help of thermography. Left: Face of a person without (A) and with Flammer syndrome (B). Middle: A hand of a person without (C) and with Flammer syndrome (D). Right: Feet of a person with Flammer syndrome (E).